2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 8th May 2023


Mos Def   UMI Says

Fascinator   Sepia Sandshoes

Jerrah Patston   The Penrith Regional Gallery Song

MEM_MODS   Harmolodica

Mindy Meng Wang & Tim Shiel   Mirror Flower

7EBRA   I Have A Lot To Say

Zasas Mama   Zasas Love

Dorio   Lost These Days

The Morning Star   The Rains

Tony Allen & Adrian Younge   Don't Believe The Dancers

Tiny Ruins   In Light Of Everything

Triptides   Cassis

The Beatles   You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

Esther Rose   Insecure

Philippa Nihill   Glisten

Milt Jackson   The Metal Melter

Pearl & The Oysters   Fireflies

Bob Dylan   Meet Me In The Morning

Mr Rhodes   Can't You Tell

Folamour   Voyage

Flasher   Eastern Ave

Snowy   If I'm Right

Alfa Mist   Borderline

Sampology & Charlie Hill   Choir Hook

Martin Frawley   Heart In Hand

Kae Tempest   Love Harder

Lachlan Denton   Lose

Liquid Liquid   Cavern

Decisive Pink   Ode To Boy

Sunfruits   Reeling

dust   Joy

Display Homes   At Capacity

The Particles   The Trumpet Song

Cass McCombs   Love Thine Enemy

Batavia Collective   Joni Indo

Grandaddy   Now It's On

Cantrips   The Big Break


TV On The Radio   Province

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