2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 9th Dec 2022


Crocodylus   House on a hill

Black Jesus experiance   Good evening black budda

The Orielles   Airtight

Lee feilds   Without a heart

Kelsey Magnuson   Beep Beep

Tim shiel, joey jean & Cazeau   Jacked druids

Rubblebucket   Cherry Blossom

Bill Callahan   Last one at the party

Eliot Lipp   Thanks

Sharon Van Etten   Serpents

Grandaddy   Now it's on

Rozi Plain   Help

Fullpower happy hour   Bit of Brightness

Whitney   Nothing remains

Gabe Gurnsey   so sweet


Pei   Trying

The Orielles   Drawn and Defined

Fujiyah and Miyagi   Feeling the effects

The seven ups   Old world Monkeys

SAULT   Together

SEJA   All your sorries

The nagging doubts   The pearl

Belle and sebastion   another sunny day

Gary ashby   Dry cleaning

The nagging doubts   The pearl

Cool sounds   Dance!

Buzz Kill   Fascination

The go team   Whammy O

Komang   Flex

Grace Cummings   Praise you

Sunfruits   Made to love

These new south whales   Rotten sun

Jennifer Pastoral   Jennifer Vanilla

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