6:00am 18th May 2017 :: 2ser Breakfast


DD Dumbo   Brother (STEEZ REMIX)

Dappled Cities   Coraline

John Rooney   Fairground Ride

Slowdive   Sugar For The Pill

The National   The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness

Cloud Control   Rainbow City

Underground Lovers   Every Sign

Pheno   Dragon Year

Woods   Love is Love (Sun on Time)

Joan Shelley   The Push and Pull

Freakwater   Take Me With You

Bibio   Beyond My Eyes

Grizzly Bear   Three Rings

The Cactus Channel and Sam Coromack   Everything Is Right In Front of Me

Kid Cornered and the Ice Chest Orchestra   Ten Steps

Sneaks   Looks Like That

Slowdive   Star Roving

Even Dando   Tongue Tied

Mac DeMarco   A Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes

Hurray for the Riff Raff   Halfway There

Slowdive   Everyone Knows

Fountaineer   The Cricketers

The New Pornographers   Play Money

Holly Throsby   Aeroplane

Time Rogers   The Possibilities

Spoon   Shotgun

Leah Senior   Pretty Faces

Julie Byrne   All The Land that Glimmered Beneath

Salami Rose Joe Louis   Not That Lovely

Waxahatchee   Silver

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