A Direction Home :: 7:00am 3rd Feb 2024

I put together a playlist for this week’s show. Then I scrapped it and put together a different one. I had this bright idea for a theme around “Off the Blocks”, as in ‘off the blocks and racing’ into the year. But when I looked at the songs I’d chosen there wasn’t exactly a galloping energy about it – something much gentler, quieter. Forward motion, but with stumbling blocks, attempts, small steps, moments of reflection, moving through change… that sort of vibe. So I’ve changed direction and now it’s more about Starting. Out, over, again.
I hope these artists and their wonderful tales will help coax us all out and give us some juice for the next part of the trip that is this old life…..


Abigail Lapell   Stolen Time (Stolen Time)

Patrick Watson   Better in the Shade (Better in the Shade)

Skysrcaper Stan   On Your Corner (Golden Boy Vol I & II)

Don McGlashan   Start Again (Bright November Morning)

Dana Fuchs, Jim Sturgess, Evan Rachel Wood & T.V. Carpio   Dear Prudence (Across the Universe - Film Soundtrack)

Hot Apple Band   Changing (So Long, Noodle House)

Joan As Police Woman   Start of My Heart (Joan As Police Woman - Live)

Liz Frencham with PJ Wolf   Square One (You & Me Vol 1)

Colin Jones and the Delta Revue   I'm Not There (Toledo, OH)

Jim James & Calexico   Goin' to Acapulco (I'm Not There - Film Soundtrack)

Joe Cocker   Come Together (Across the Universe - Film Soundtrack)

Melanie   Leftover Wine (Candles in the Rain)

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