Chimes :: 12:00pm 16th Nov 2019

Coming up on today’s episode of Chimes, the music of Peter Astor (Loft/Weather Prophets) plus Thigh Master, Vetiver, The Hollies and much more!

Peter Astor is a British songwriter and solo artist, also known for his work with The Loft, The Weather Prophets, The Wisdom of Harry and Ellis Island Sound. From his early releases on the Creation Records label to his recent solo work, Peter continues to showcase great catchy pop melodies with clever, thoughtful lyrics.



Vetiver   Swaying Up On High

The Records   Starry Eyes Starry Eyes 7"

Thigh Master   Entity Now For Example

Sleepy Township   Savoir Faire Deep Water

The Hollies   So Lonely The Hollies

Ducks Unlimited   Get Bleak Get Bleak

Glaciers   Career Crisis Living Right

Failed Flowers   Faces Faces

The Loft   Why Does The Rain 1982-1985 Once Round The Fair

The Weather Prophets   Almost Prayed Diesel River

Pete Astor & The Holy Road   Love, Full On Paradise

Peter Astor   My Right Hand Spilt Milk

Walrus   Anymore Cool To Who

The Chesterfields   Oh Mr Wilson! Electric Guitars In Their Hearts - The Best Of The Chesterfields

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