Chimes :: 12:00pm 21st Sep 2019

On Episode #3 of Chimes, we traced the guitar lines of Archie Bell and Chic into Orange Juice and French Testing. Plus Heavenly, Belles Will Ring, Josef K and more…


The Whipper Snappers   You Never Look Positively Elizabeth Street

Heavenly   Our Love Is Heavenly Our Love Is Heavenly 7"

Archie Bell and The Drells   Tighten Up (Part 1) Tighten Up

Chic   Good Times Risque

Orange Juice   Rip It Up Rip It Up

Josef K   Sorry For Laughing Young and Stupid

The Go-Betweens   Careless Send Me A Lullaby

Launder   Annie Blue Pink Cloud

Belles Will Ring   Midnight Mood Patterns

Dick Diver   Lime Green Shirt Calendar Days

Reptaliens   Butter Slime FM-2030

French Testing   Into The Night Blue Nude

The Clique   Superman The Clique

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