Chimes :: 12:00pm 25th Jul 2020

Holy Jangle! Frank Zappa on at midday!

A cracking edition ahead with a highlight from the 50th anniversary reissue Mothers 70 box set – this leads to tunes from skronkers The Ordinares, Laughing Clowns, The Vapour Trails, Boomgates and lots more.

Track: Lonely Man
Artist: The Vapour Trails
Release: Golden Sunshine
Label: Futureman Records

Track: Always Under The Gun
Artist: State of Samuel
Release: Here Come The Floods
Label: Humblebee Recordings/Total Gaylord Records

Track: Matter of Time
Artist: Floodlights
Release: From A View
Label: Self Released

Track: Flood Plains
Artist: Boomgates
Release: Double Natural
Label: Bedroom Sucks

Track: Item 1
Artist: Frank Zappa & Mothers 70
Release: The Mothers 1970 (Box Set)
Label: Zappa Records

Track: Intravenous
Artist: The Ordinaires
Release: Peripheral Vision (Various Artists)
Label: Zoar Records

Track: Everything That Flies (Is Not A Bird)
Artist: The Laughing Clowns
Release: Everything That Flies…EP
Label: Prince Melon Records

Track: Car Headlights
Artist: Ed Kuepper
Release: Electrical Storm
Label: Hot Records

Track: Guide Me To Beauty
Artist: The Fainters
Release: Guide Me To Beauty
Label: Self Released

Track: Bittersweet Kiss
Artist: Gentle Despite
Release: Torment To Me
Label: Sarah Records

Track: Rebel Heart
Artist: The Shelters
Release: The Shelters
Label: Warner Brothers

Track: California Earthquake
Artist: Lloyd Cole
Release: Standards
Label: Tapete Records