Chimes :: 12:00pm 29th Aug 2020

All manner of critters are making beautiful noises on this edition of Chimes 2SER 107.3 at MIDDAY – featuring the brand new single from The Bats. This is ahead of a new album in Novemeber, Foothills. Very exciting news if you are a fan of this incredible band who have been together for 38 years. As well, long lost band Caterpillar, chiming pop from Bird Streets and stunning tunes from The Church, Cleaners From Venus and Electric Soft Parade.

Track: Warwick
Artist: The Bats
Release: Foothills
Label: Flying Nun

Track: Loved By You
Artist: Stephen
Release: Radar of Small Dogs
Label: Flying Nun

Track: Betting On The Sun
Artist: Bird Streets
Release: Bird Streets
Label: Omnivore Recordings

Track: Soul Trader
Artist: Spinning Coin
Release: Hyacinth
Label: Domino

Track: Statues
Artist: Cleaners From Venus
Release: July EP
Label: Self Released

Track: Nimble Tongs Walt
Artist: Caterpillar
Release: Peace, Love And Popularity
Label: Tappersize Records

Track: Frustrate You
Artist: Hurry
Release: Frustrate You
Label: Lame-O Records

Track: Closest To You
Artist: The Waltones
Release: The Very Best Of, You’ve Gotta Hand It To Them
Label: Optic Nerve Recordings

Track: Tear It All Away
Artist: The Church
Release: Of Skins and Hearts
Label: Parlophone

Track: Mirador
Artist: Swimming Tapes
Release: Morningside
Label: Hand In Hive

Track: One of These Days
Artist: Electric Soft Parade
Release: Idiots
Label: Helium Records

Track: Zenith
Artist: Cafe Racer
Release: Shadow Talk
Label: Born Yesterday

Track: All The World Could Pass Me By
Artist: The Orange Peels
Release: Square
Label: Minty Fres

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