Chimes :: 12:00pm 4th Jan 2020

The Spires from Ventura, California are my latest obsession. Their brand of guitar pop skirts the edges of ’80s Flying Nun – slightly brooding melancholic music with harmonious barbs that get under your skin with a slight Byrdsian jangle – making it perfect to play on Chimes. As well – local hero Robert Forster, a great duo from Melbourne headed to SXSW in Shards, Mock Turtle, Velvet Underground and much more!


Haircut One Hundred   Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl) Pelican West

Rose of Avalanche   Always There L.A. Rain - The Singles Album

Awesome Color   Flying Massa Hypnos

The Spires   Eternal Yeah Eternal Yeah

The Velvet Underground   I'm Set Free The Velvet Underground

Robert Forster   I'll Look After You Inferno

Mac DeMarco   Cooking Up Something Good 2

Penelope Isles   Chlorine Until The Tide Creeps In

The Haywains   Bobbie Gentry's Tears Bobbie Gentry's Tears EP

Shards   Becotide Phase Three

Strange Passage   Idle Time Shouldn't Be Too Long

Mock Turtles   Time Between / Why Time Between - A Tribute To The Byrds

Creepy John Thomas   Sun and Woman Creepy John Thomas

Foggy Notions (US)   Need A Little Lovin' Pebbles Volume 6: Chicago 1

Foggy Notions (CAN)   Poison Apple Poison Apple

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