Chimes :: 12:00pm 4th Jul 2020

A double dose of cool minimalist pop from Lewsberg and Cool Greenhouse; cosmic jangle from Arbor Labor Union and Pacific Range plus Galore, The Stroppies and a great reissue for Hypnolovewheel on this edition of Chimes.

Track: Come Around
Artist: The Muttonbirds
Release: Envy Of Angels
Label: Virgin

Track: Come Around
Artist: Galore
Release: Galore
Label: Rocks In Your Head Records

Track: Our Saturdays
Artist: Huevos II
Release: III
Label: Sophomore Lounge

Track: Mad Dogs
Artist: Emily
Release: Irony
Label: Creation

Track: Bridget Because
Artist: Hypnolovewheel
Release: Parallel Universe
Label: Cara Records

Track: Seabird
Artist: Air Miami
Release: Me Me Me
Label: 4AD/Teenbeat

Track: From Never To Once
Artist: Lewsberg
Release: In This House
Label: Self Released

Track: Dirty Glasses
Artist: The Cool Greenhouse
Release: The Cool Greenhouse
Label: Melodic Records

Track: Give Us The Light
Artist: Arbor Labour Union
Release: New Petal Instants
Label: Arrowhawk Records

Track: Need A Little Rain
Artist: Pacifc Range
Release: High Upon The Mountain
Label: Curation Records

Track: Burning Bright
Artist: The Stroppies
Release: Look Alive!
Label: Tough Love

Track: Take You Out
Artist: Moaning Lisa
Release: Take You Out
Label: Self Released