Chimes :: 12:00pm 6th Feb 2021

Minneapolis’ Real Numbers are back with a brand new EP which shows them journeying deeper into late 80’s indiepop than ever before. We’ll match their prowess with the artists who inspired them, The Field Mice and East River Pipe. As well new tracks from Boyo, Keeps and a blast from the past with Serious Young Insects.

Track: Locomotive Jumper
Artist: Free Casino
Release: Locomotive Jumper
Label: Self Released

Track: Make A Deal With The City
Artist: East River Pipe
Release: Goodbye California
Label: Sarah Records

Track: In The End
Artist: Real Numbers
Release: Brighter Then
Label: Slumberland

Track: Fabulous Friend
Artist: The Field Mice
Release: Where’d You Learn To Kiss That Way?
Label: Sarah Records

Track: Sad
Artist: Serious Young Insects
Release: Housebreaking
Label: Epic

Track: Clear The Air
Artist: The Love-Birds
Release: In the Lover’s Corner
Label: Trouble In Mind

Track: Ghost Noise
Artist: Boyo
Release: Alone Together in Los Angeles
Label: Park The Van

Track: Your Haunted Heart
Artist: Comet Gain
Release: Paperback Ghosts
Label: Fortuna Pop

Track: City Song
Artist: The Umbrellas
Release: C19
Label: Impermeable Records

Track: Of One’s Desire
Artist: Secret Meadow
Release: C19
Label: Impermeable Records

Track: Crystal Palace
Artist: The Tripps
Release: On The Waterfront
Label: Waterfront Records

Track: Difficult
Artist: Passmore Sisters
Release: the original rock ‘n’ roll chair
Label: Vegetable Records

Track: It’s Fine
Artist: Jetstream Pony
Release: Jetstream Pony
Label: Shelflife Records

Track: New Day
Artist: Keeps
Release: Affectianado
Label: Self Released

Track: Instrumental As Anything
Artist: Mental As Anything
Release: Chemical Travel
Label: Regular Records


Free Casino   Locomotive Jumper

East River Pipe   Make A Deal With The City

Real Numbers   In The End

The Field Mice   Fabulous Friend

Serious Young Insects   Sad

The Love Birds   Clear The Air

Boyo   Ghost Noise

Comet Gain   Your Haunted Heart

The Umbrellas   City Song

Secret Meadow   Of One's Desire

The Tripps   Crystal Palace

Passmore Sisters   Difficult

Jetstream Pony   It's Fine

Keeps   New Day

Mental As Anything   Instrumental As Anything

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