Departure Lounge :: 3:00pm 5th Aug 2017


Azimuth Melo Da Cuica :: Pecado Capital

Waltel Blanco Tema Da Zorro :: Assim na Terra

Giovana Tatare ::

Azimuth Voo Sobre O Horizonte ::

Os. Grilos A Charanga ::

Tom Ze Menina, Amanha ::

Opera Orera Summertime ::

Jeanette El Amor Toca el Violin ::

QuartetoEm Cy O Futebol :: Chico Em Cy

Richard Fudoli Gwee ::

Laurindo Almeida & Ray Brown Brasilian Grass ::

Roland Kirk Making Love After Hours ::

One G Plus Three Summertime ::

Speedometer Happy ::

Cal Green Revolution Rap ::

Eddy Senay Aint No Sunshine ::

US 3 Cantaloop ::

Peoples Choice Lets Do It ::

SOEL Shining Pain ::

The Soul Runners Chitlin Salad ::

BW Souls Marvin Groove ::

Mickey And The Soul Generation Football ::

Gentlemen and Their Ladies Party Bump ::

Soul Tornadoes Funky Thang ::

Cry Babies Kool and the Gang ::

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