DJ Shan Presents Groove Therapy feat. CERRONE – 2nd June 2023

Today on the program OB and I are truly in the company of greatness as French disco legend CERRONE joins us on the show. I take a deep dive into his classic breakbeat “Rocket in the Pocket”, we chat about his work with The Kongas, Don Ray, Lene Lovich, and Jocelyn Brown – AND he even jumps into the mix to give us a glimpse of the what we can expect ahead of his first Australian visit next week.

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Classic of the week…

Version excursion…

This week I do a deep dive into one of the most sampled drum breaks “Rocket in the Pocket”, which I first discovered through its use in so many early Hip Hop tracks in the 1980s – Interestingly, it was several years later that I realised the drum loop I was so familiar with was in fact being sampled at the completely wrong speed as it was favoured at the 45 RPM speed rather than it’s original speed on 33 RPM.


Cerrone – Close to the Sky
Cerrone – Rocket In The Pocket (The BladeRunners Edit)
The Alchemist – We Got This
MC Shan – Beat Biter [Extended]
Geto Boys – No Sell Out
Black, Rock & Ron – That’s How I’m Livin’
Ultramagnetic MC’s – Bait
Beastie Boys – Time to Get Ill
Krown Rulers – Call Me the New Sire
The Microphone King Donald D & DJ Chilly D – Dope Jam
T La Rock – Incredible Dub
Rodney O & Joe Cooley – Let’s Have Some Fun
Sugarbear – Ready To Penetrate
Sweet Tee – Let The Jingle Bells Rock
The B Boys – Two Three Break
Original Concept – Can You Feel It
Run DMC – Jam-Master Jay
Kongas – Anikana O
Cerrone – Midnite Lady
Cerrone – Supernature
Don Ray – Standing In The Rain
Cerrone feat Jocelyn Brown – Hooked On You
Cerrone – Cerrone’s Paradise
Cerrone – Love In C Minor
Cerrone – Look For Love
Cerrone – For You X Missing
Cerrone – The Impact
Cerrone – Seven Seconds
Cerrone – All We Are
Cerrone – A Part Of You
Cerrone – Je Suis Music
Cerrone – Give Me Love
Cerrone – The Only One
Cerrone – Not Too Shabby

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