Dream State :: 8:00am 24th Mar 2024

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Was joined by two of my beautiful friends Lily and Ryley! I’ve been friends with these guys for so long, and we met through a music school we were all going to at the time.

This was a part of my life that I give a lot of credit for the passion I’ve got today. Back in 2018, I went and saw Paramore with a group of friends – which was where I met Lily. At the time, this was one of the first concerts I didn’t have to take my mum to (because no one else liked the music I was into), and I realised the connection and significance of being able to go to things with your friends talk about what you’re passionate about with other people. Same goes with Ryley – we’d catch the school bus together and I’d force him to listen to the music I was listening to at the time. The poor boy listened to so much Paramore on my account but I don’t feel at all bad about it.

They picked a lot of the show this week, and I feel so grateful to have them both in my life! (Not me getting sappy on the radio website my bad)

This week’s playlist:


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Lucy Dacus   Night Shift

Vines   being loved isn't the same as being understood

Adrianne Lenker, Buck Meek   A Better Time To Meet

Bon Iver, St Vincent   Roslyn

Tracy Chapman   Give Me One Reason

Lizzy McAlpine   I Guess

dodie   Cool Girl

girl in red, Sabrina Carpenter   You Need Me Now? (ft. Sabrina Carpenter)

Leah Senior   Graves

Adrianne Lenker   Vampire Empire

Big Thief   Vampire Empire


Lolita Mae   Neo Jax

The Oogars   Girl In The Mirror

The Japanese House   We Talk all the Time

Taylor Swift, HAIM   no body, no crime (ft. HAIM)

Wild Rivers   Thinking 'Bout Love

Phoebe Bridgers   Kyoto

The xx   Say Something Loving

Paramore   Thick Skull

Ball Park Music   Head Like A Sieve

Sycco   Superstar

Hollie Col   Seasick

MUNA, Phoebe Bridgers   Silk Chiffon

Stonefield   Changes

Platonic Sex   Be There

Charli XCX, Addison Rae, A.G. Cook   The von dutch remix with addison rae and a.g. cook

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