Drive :: 4:00pm 28th May 2024

Part 1: Presented by Ella Stewart

Part 2: Ange and Jessica will be taking over the 2nd part of the show. In this segment, you’ll hear a compilation of movie reviews from ‘Letterboxd’ created by Ange Osis, an exploration of how lockout laws have affected Sydney’s nightlife by Safa Ahmadi, and a comedic story about your impulsiveness taking over for the day by Jessica Truong.

Produced by Safa Ahmadi and Jessica Truong

Part 3:
Ben Key takes the wheel of the Macquarie Drive-by with style, finishing the afternoon with some scrummy tracks and musings on the more disorganised persons in his life.

On a similar note, Anthea investigates why our attention spans are decreasing and what role phones and social media play in this shift. Featuring Dr Mark Williams and A/Prof Jess McLean.

Produced by Anthea Tselios, Tringa Xhuli and Lachlan Ford


Claudia Forever   4everstay

Bad Bangs   Hips

A. Swayze & the Ghosts   Cool Cucumber

Bodywire   Cocaine, Red Wine

Bridge Dog   Standard Issue

Johnny Hunter   Frustration

Milan Ring   Leo

Tourist   Ithaca

Jess Locke   Everybody's Going To The Same Place

Véronique Serret   Topsy Turvy World

Jess Locked   Real Life

Charlotte Day Wilson   Dovetail

Mdou Moctar   Taakoba

Dick Dudley   Meditation

Maria Chiara Argirò   Light

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