Drive :: 4:00pm 2nd Aug 2022


Working Men's Club   Fear Fear

Sampa the Great   Bona

TV Priest   the_breakers

Buttering Trio   See if it Fits

Dallas Woods   The Source

Wombo   Headstand

Tropical Fuck Storm   Ann (Stooges Cover)

King Stingray   Camp Dog

Tallies   Am I The Man

Bas Jan   Vision of Change

Tina and the Hams   Way

The Beths   Expert In A Dying Field

Elsy Wameyo   River Nile

Tasman Keith   Tread Light

Julia Jacklin   Love, Try Not

Buttering Trio   Move In

Feath Bells   Lifespring

Key Out   Face

Eggy   Golden Hour

Stella   Charmed

Dodda Rivka   Cults and Kanye

ARP   New Pleasures

Kraftwerk   The Telephone Call

The Buoys   Red Flags

Curtis Harding   Where Is The Love

Alice Cohen   Life in a Bag

Tamwah   Warrajamba

Mr. Scruff   Where Am I

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