Razors Edge :: 7:00pm 18th May 2023

Image by Filipino Artists Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan from FB

On tonight’s show:

Rental Fairness Bill – A bill on rental fairness put before NSW parliament by the new Labor government may actually push rents to new record highs. Housing experts also fear that private bidding between desperate rental applicants, with agents turning a blind eye, could entrench the culture of auctioning housing in an already tight rental market.

Interviewee: Jemima Mowbray, Policy Manager Tenants Union NSW

Reporter/Producer: Wendy Frew

Essential Workers Priced Out – A new report from the national Everybody’s Home campaign indicates, essential workers are priced out from their communities because they can’t compete with spiralling rent prices. For many they only have $20 left in the hand daily,  after paying rent. If a single parent, child care costs must come from these last dollars.

Interviewee:  Maiy Azize, Spokesperson Everybody’s Home Campaign.

Reporter/Producer: Annamarie Reyes

Budget 2023 The Environment – While economists applaud the Albanese’s Budget 2023, for its conscious allocation towards Clean Energy, environmental advocates warn, that equally,  this budget provides about six times more for the fossil fuel industry.

Interviewee:  Kelly O’Shanassy, CEO, Australian Conservation Foundation;  Warringah Independent MP Zali Steggall, Australian Greens Senator Nick McKim

Reporter/Producer: Wendy Frew

Filipino Visual Artist Family for Foreigner ExhibitionThe National 4 Exhibition at Campbelltown Arts Centre continues to unravel, this time with Alfredo and Isabel Aqulizan’s all-family artistic effort. Their lives and art as a family are reflected in their nomadic lifestyle between the Philippines, Australia and many more countries.

Interviewee: Alfredo Aquilizan, Global exhibitor Filipino Visual Artist

Reporter/Producer: Eleonor Godley



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