Razors Edge :: 7:00pm 22nd Jun 2023

Image: Participants in the FoodLab program, Win Yee and Justine. Photo courtesy of FoodLab

On tonight’s show:

Hazara Asif Sultani, Refugee Week 2023 – Over 100 million people were forcibly displaced around the world in 2022. Hazara Refugee Asif Sultani was beaten and persecuted at 7 years old. His family ended up as undocumented asylum seekers in Iran. He now settles in regional NSW. He speaks on behalf of refugees through his martial arts & athletics.   Interviewee: Asif Sultani, UNHCR High profile supporter Reporter/Producer: Annamarie Reyes

Foodlab, Small Food Business Incubator- is a not-for-profit kitchen incubator that supports food entrepreneurs from migrant and other disadvantaged communities to grow and formalise their food businesses.  Interviewee: Foodlab Managing Director Jamie Lovely  Reporter/Producer: Wendy Frew

Social housing will not Solve Public housing crisis- NSW Housing Minister Jackson says Glebe Public housing will be demolished for social/community housing.  But local advocate Action for Public Housing says it’s a waste of public funds. In a few cases, tenants are charged more & live with unrealistic rules in social housing.

Interviewee:  Action for Public Housing Spokesperson, Rachel Evans  Reporter/Producer: Annamarie Reyes



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