Razors Edge :: 7:00pm 29th Jun 2023

Image by: Brenda Mathews from FB, from her film, THE LAST DAUGHTER

On tonight’s show:

Farmers for Climate Action – El Nino is here. Farmers are bracing for it but they’re doing more. They’re turning the dial up on climate action. 8,000 strong members, Farmers for Climate Action is ensuring farmers can farm forever. They know they play a crucial role in maintaining the food supply chains and taking care of the land.    Interviewee:  Dr Anika Molesworth, Deputy Chair of Farmers for Climate Action Reporter/Producer: Annamarie Reyes

NO-take Marine Reserve- Bongin Bongin Bay – At Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches a group of dedicated local residents are working hard to convince others, including the State Government, to protect the marine life above and below the waves at Bongin Bongin Bay.  They are worried that over-fishing is depleting biodiversity, bad news for climate change.   Interviewee:  David Booth, Marine Researcher, UTS   Reporter/Producer: Wendy Frew

The Last Daughter – Imagine you’re removed from your loving Aboriginal family. Then raised by a white family only to be removed again. And returned to a family you don’t know. This is the story of Brenda Mathews, which she tells in a new documentary, The Last Daughter. Decades later she’s on a journey to reconcile and discover who she is. Interviewee: Brenda Mathews     Reporter/Producer: Evan Shapiro


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