Shadows of Tomorrow :: 8:00pm 10th Aug 2020


The Pyramids   When Will I See You Again ?

Nneka   Believe System

Afrkican Music Machine   Black Water Gold (Pearl)


Esperanza Spalding   Lest We Forget (blood)

David Vercase   Love Expression

Flash and the Pan   Midnight Man

Donne Mcghee   It Ain't No Big Thing

Loure   Ruminate in Blue

Ronny Jordan   (The Theme From) Underworld

As Valet   Aquarius

Thierry Wone, Maggie Tra   Le poids d'une larne

The Professionals   Give N Take

Wes Felton   All The Way

The Gaslamp Killer   Midnight Music

Aywy   Roses

Kamaal Williams   Hold On

Girls Of The Internet   Love Delicious

Black Loops   E'z (Kyle Watson Remix)

Incognito   Wake Me

Debbie Jacobs   Don't You Want My Love

Novalima   La Envidia (Digital Afrika remix)

Digital Afrika   Babalu Aye

Brother Theotis Taylor   Somebody's Gone

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