Shadows of Tomorrow :: 8:00pm 15th Jan 2018

It’s all about the vibe and there’s bucketloads in tonights show… Tune in and float out into the musical stratosphere.


Rotating Assembly   The Rust Organic

George Duke   Secret Rendezvous

Tala A.M.   I Know What You Want

Jazzanova   The One-Tet (DJ DSL remix)

Andras   So Glad

Larry Heard   Black Oceans

YGT   Midnight Sun

Lily   Thoughts of Liana

Admin   Space Cadet

Loui$   Pink Footpath

Nice Touch   Ha Ha Ha

Spongemagnet   Cyborn (Velvet C Tape)

Nebraska   This is the Way

Theo Parrish   Got A Match

Format   Solid Session

Sunship   Try Me Out

The Chicago Connection   Dancin (Mark Grant Mix)

Metro Area   Proton Candy

Automne   SRL Shit

Herr Wacher   Spatial

Frak   Lane Escape

SFV Acid   Flies (Canoga Digital Mix)

Jensen Interceptor   No Sleep

Funkineven   Roland's Jam

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