Shadows of Tomorrow :: 8:00pm 7th Jun 2021

This week we are indulging in all things sweet and low with ultra deep tracks from all around the world. Our recommendation for this weekend is Sydney Solstice festival featuring a couple of Shadows of Tomorrow faves – Setwun and Natalie Slade. All you need to know including how to get tickets can be found here.



Sleep D, Ad Lib Collective   Chambers

Sleep D, Ad Lib Collective   Cavern

Gavinco   Give It To Me

Gavinco   Grain

vsteeze & Funky DL   Reachin'

Kaidi Tatham   Try N Follow

6th   Life After Subway

Rhythm & Sound   Music A Fe Rule

Scientist   In Orbit

Sleep D, Ad Lib Collective   Lagoon

Uffe   Not Around

Uffe   Automatic Remote Control

Sankara Future Dub Resurgence   Anarchist Africa

Deadbeat   Woah! (2021 mix)

E00   Reloadz

Not Even Noticed   Distractive

Loraine James   Running Like That (ft Eden Samara)

Loraine James   Self Doubt (leaving the Club early)

Big Yawn   Skinrat (bullant Remix)

Heatmap   Arklight (blackdown Remix)

Omar S   Storm

John Beltran   Going Uphill Fast (hope on the horizon)

John Beltran   Energy Circle

Sterac   Darkness in my life

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