Shadows of Tomorrow :: 8:00pm 8th Jan 2018

Easing into 2018 with some chill and deepness to unwind and nod yer head vigourously…….

No need to move from the couch unless you feel like dancing!


Burnt Friedman   Grace (Joseph Suchy)

Bambooman   Melt

Myself 69   Naima Jam

Chew on Air   Dawn People

Beressi   Wave

Exile   San Pedro Cactus

Nightmares on Wax   Citizen Kane (feat. Mozez) (Ron Trent Night Dubbin Remix)

Afriqua   Thanksgiving

Herr Wacher   Heliopause

外神田deepspace   Shinjuku Blue

SeekersInternational   RunComeTest

Claro Intelecto   Sunshine

Claude Speeed   CGI Man

Kevin Irving   Children of the Night

Jerome Hill   Back & Forth

Frak   Large Function

Jeals   What's It All About

D_Roots   #9 (Royer Remix)

Sully   Stripes on A Tiger Don't wash away

Matt Hensley   Martyn

Further Reductions   Disparate Elements

Clark   Pig

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