Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 10th Nov 2021 – Jessica

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 10-11-2021:

Jessica – ‘With Reverie’

Available HERE


Hashshashin   Bless Sequence [Single October 2021]


Jessica   There Is So Much We Can No Longer Chase [With Reverie]

bdrmm   Port [Single October 2021]

Elstow   Rhyme Or Reason [Single November 2021]


Mike Etten   Across The Flats [Love Wash]

Lewis Goldmark   Psycho City [Single November 2021]

The Lazy Eyes   Fuzz Jam (advance: Songbook) [Single November 2021]


Jessica   Free Doom [With Reverie]

Son Of Buzzi   Wechselwirkungen [Single November 2021]

Blackwater Holylight   Silence/Motion [Silence/Motion]

Large Plants   La Isla Bonita (Madonna) [Single October 2021]


Eiderdown Records // Sideways Through Sound Diamonds Of Fuzz Edit : 5am Mix - 29-10-2021  

1. Nick Jonah Davis   Doll Tor Bones [Dérive Néolithique]

2. Ryan James Mawbey   Snared By A Spider (excerpt) [Eternal Return]

3. Altaat   III (excerpt) [Hävittäjä]

4. Nick Jonah Davis   Xochi [Dérive Néolithique]

5. Ryan James Mawbey   Snared By A Spider (excerpt) [Eternal Return]


Jessica   Horrozontal [With Reverie]

Spiritualized   Always Together With You (advance: Everything Was Beautiful) [Single November 2021]

Mong Tong   Sea: S,1 [Orientations 向位]

Immersion & Ulrich Schnauss   So Much Green [Nanocluster Vol. 1]


Marissa Nadler   Elegy [The Path Of The Clouds]

Jessica   Mountains [With Reverie]

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