Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 13th Apr 2022 – Ambassador Hazy

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 13-04-2022:

Ambassador Hazy – ‘Traveler’

Available HERE


Hawkwind   Earth Calling / Born To Go [Space Ritual]


Ambassador Hazy   Afterglow [The Traveler]

The Olivia Tremor Control   Holiday Surprise [Music From The Unrealized Film Script - Dusk At Cubist Castle]

The Chemistry Set   Pink Felt Trip [Pink Felt Trip]


The Heads   For Madmen Only [Single April 2022]

Night Rites   Dark Patterns [Single March 2022]

Mugstar   Born To Go (Hawkwind) [v/a In Search Of Hawkwind]


Ambassador Hazy   Simple Thing [The Traveler]

Loop   Eolian (Version) [Sonancy]

Helicon   Freakquency (12" version) [Freakquency EP]

The Heads   Born To Go (Hawkwind) [Single April 2022]


Tomáš Niesner   Pramen [Bečvou]

Duncan Marquiss   Drivenhalle [Wires Turned Sideways In Time]

Lay Llamas   At The End Of The Night [Goud]


Ambassador Hazy   Percolator [The Traveler]

Ashinoa   Unknown To Myself [L'Orée]

bdrmm   Port (W.H. Lung – Tom Sharkett Remix) [Port EP]

Trigona   Monk [Trigona]


Large Plants   No Difference [The Carrier]

Loop   Isochrone (Version) [Sonancy]

Monster Magnet   Born To Go (Hawkwind) [A Better Dystopia]

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