Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 1st Jul 2020 – Josh Kimbrough / LoTU

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album I 01-07-2020:

Josh Kimbrough – ‘Slither, Soar & Disappear’

Available HERE

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album II 01-07-2020:

Lamp Of The Universe – ‘Dead Shrine’

Available HERE


Isasa   Sunflower River Blues (John Fahey) [Carnisaur / Isasa Split]

Avocet   Causeway [Lend Your Garden]

Josh Kimbrough   Glowing Treetops [Slither, Soar & Disappear]


Lamp Of The Universe   Illuminations For The Divine [Dead Shrine]

Mittere   Fool [Single June 2020]

Magick Brother & Mystic Sister   Arroyo del Búho [S/T]


Josh Kimbrough Spotlight Selections 01-07-2020  

1. Josh Kimbrough   Giant Leopard Moth [Slither, Soar & Disappear]

2. Sarah Louise   Floating Rhododendron [VDSQ Solo Acoustic Vol.12]

3. Elizabeth Cotten   Vastopol [Freight Train & Other North Carolina Folk Songs & Tunes]

4. Allison de Groot & Tatiana Hargreaves   Wabash Blues [S/T]

5. James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg   Carrots [Ambsace]

6. Sandy Denny and the Strawbs   Sail Away To The Sea [All Our Own Work]

7. Josh Kimbrough   Two-Thirds Of A Snowman [Slither, Soar & Disappear]


Lamp Of The Universe   The Eastern Run [Dead Shrine]

UFO Över Lappland   Lemmy On The Beach [S/T]

Turtle Skull   Why Do You Ask? [Single June 2020]


Josh Kimbrough   Sunbathing Water Snake [Slither, Soar & Disappear]

Aleah   Breathe - Acoustic Version [S/T]

D.C. Cross   New River, New Stream, No Grief [Terabithian]


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