Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 24th Mar 2021 – Holy Monitor

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 24-03-2021:

Holy Monitor – ‘Southern Lights’

Available HERE


Nick Jonah Davis Xochi ::[The Drifting / Xochi 8"]

Holy Monitor River ::[Southern Lights]


Marisa Anderson/William Tyler Lost Futures ::[Lost Futures]

Israel Nash Closer ::[Topaz]

Andy Bell The Commune (Pye Corner Audio Remix) ::[Single March 2021]


Painted Shrines Heaven & Holy ::[Heaven & Holy]

Train Conductor Relief Of The Cloud ::[Topology - Singles]

Camera Prosthuman ::[Prosthuman]

Holy Monitor Naked In The Rain ::[Southern Lights]


New Bums Cover Band ::[Last Time I Saw Grace]

Nothing Blue Mecca ::[The Great Dismal]

White Canyon & The 5th Dimension Electric Ghost ::[Single March 2021]


Dead Meadow Such Hawks Such Hounds ::[Levitation Sessions]

Smote Psolstice ::[Bodkin]

Grinding Eyes When The Night Falls ::[Taste The Monochrome]


Mt Mountain Second Home ::[Centre]

Rocket Science Tomorrow's Soundtrack For Today's Swinging Generation ::[Contact High]

Holy Monitor The Sky Is Falling Down ::[Southern Lights]


Pekka Laine Enchanted ::[The Enchanted Guitar Of Pekka Laine]

Nick Jonah Davis The Drifting ::[The Drifting / Xochi 8"]

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