Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 28th Feb 2018

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 28-02-2018:

Black Lizard – ‘Celebration Of A New Dawn’

Available through Fuzz Club


Alexander   Catfish Blues S/T

Gravenhurst   Circadian The Ghost In Daylight

Black Lizard   At The Gates Of The Sun Celebration Of A New Dawn


Heaven   Never The Moment All Is Blue

Wild Meadows   Sunshine S/T

The Orange Kyte   Goats The Orange Kyte Says Yes!


Black Lizard - Paltsa & Joni - Spotlight Selections 28-02-2018  

1. Black Lizard   Black Shadow Celebration Of A New Dawn

2. The Creation   Making Time How Does It Feel To Feel

3. The Seeds   Evil Hoodoo S/T

4. The Bee Gees   Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You Bee Gees 1st

5. Black Lizard   Window In Time Celebration Of A New Dawn


Heaven   The Sun Shines Thru In The Evening All Is Blue

Chapterhouse   Treasure Whirlpool

In Zaire   The Seven Sermons Of The Dead Visions Of The Age To Come


Dead Meadow   Nobody Home The Nothing They Need

Silver Scout Thunder Head   Silver Scout Silver Scout EP

New Candys   Mercenary Bleeding Magenta


Black Lizard   Elevation Celebration Of A New Dawn

Sunflowers   Surfin’ With The Phantom Castle Spell

Melt Dunes   Epicaricacy Flesh EP

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