Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 29th Nov 2017

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album I 29-11-2017:

Causa Sui – ‘Vibraciones Dorada’

Available through El Paraiso


Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album II 29-11-2017:

Elstow – ‘Planets Away’

Available through Elstow


Lloyd Thayer Patience, Persistence, Acceptance II :: Acceptance

Megaritual Is The Sound Of One Hand Clapping A Tree Falling In The Woods? :: Mantra Music Vol.2

Causa Sui The Drop :: Vibraciones Doradas


Elstow Self-Imploding Identity :: Planets Away

Maat Lander The Constellation Of The Mirror Fish :: Seasons of Space • Book #1

New Candys Dry Air Everywhere (Breath Into You Mix) :: Stars Reach The Abyss


Captives Of The Void The Search :: Hypnos

Mother Mars Thought It Best To Cut You Loose :: On Lunar Highlands

Causa Sui Seven Hills :: Vibraciones Doradas


Elstow - Jared Shaw - Spotlight Selections 29-11-2017 ::

Elstow Alien :: Planets Away

1. Jim James Dear One :: Regions Of Light & Sound Of God

2. Raindrop I See You :: EP

3. The Flaming Lips Are You A Hypnotist ? :: Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

4. Elstow Planets Away / Sleight Of Hand :: Planets Away


Helicon Devil On Your Tongue :: S/T

dbh Light Pools :: Mass

Causa Sui El Fuego :: Vibraciones Doradas

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