Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 3rd Nov 2021 – Marissa Nadler

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 03-11-2021:

Marissa Nadler – ‘The Path Of The Clouds’

Available HERE


Cate Von Csoke   Heart of Darkness feat. CRIMEN [Heart of Darkness Remix - Single October 2021]

Vanishing Twin   In Cucina [OOKII GEKKOU]

Marissa Nadler   Couldn't Have Done The Killing [The Path Of The Clouds]


Levi J Burr & Bruce D Aitken   Leaf Cutter Bee [Single November 2021]

SONS OF ZÖKU   Lovers Trance [Single October 2021]

Lachlan R. Dale & Joseph Rabjohns   A Soundless Stream [Single October 2021 : Eclipsing // Orbs]

PEEL   Splash [EP]


Marissa Nadler Spotlight Selections 03-11-2021  

1. Marissa Nadler   The Path Of The Clouds [The Path Of The Clouds]

2. Pink Floyd   The Great Gig In The Sky [Dark Side Of The Moon]

3. Nina Simone   Turn Me On [Sugar In My Bowl 1967-72]

4. Sammi Smith   Saunders Ferry Lane [Help Me Make It Through The Night]

5. Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd   Sea, Swallow Me [The Moon & Melodies]

6. Pete Drake   Forever [Forever]

7. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds   Henry Lee (feat. PJ Harvey) [Murder Ballads]

8. Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes   Jusqu'à Ce Que La Force De T'aimer Me Manque [Paix]

9. Santo & Johnny   Sleepwalk [Santo & Johnny]

10. Joni Mitchell   Amelia [Hejira]

11. Marissa Nadler   Bessie, Did You Make It? [The Path Of The Clouds]


Dust Mountain   Village On Fire [Hymns For Wilderness]

The Holy Family   Inward Turning Suns [S/T]

Daniel O’Sullivan   Utopiary [Folly]


Marissa Nadler   If I Could Breathe Underwater [The Path Of The Clouds]

Toby Hay & David Ian Roberts   Part 1 [Harp & Guitar Improvisations]

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