Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 4th Sep 2019 – Kendra Amalie

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 04-09-2019:

Kendra Amalie – ‘Intuition’

Available HERE


P.J. Phillips   October [II]

Tiny Ruins   One Million Flowers (solo) [advance: Olympic Girls Solo]

Kendra Amalie   Become The Light [Intuition]


Ami Dang   Make Enquiry [Parted Plains]

Cul De Sac   Etaoin Shrdiu [Crashes To Light, Minutes To Its Fall]

Elder   Illusory Motion [The Gold & Silver Sessions]


Kendra Amalie Spotlight Selections 04-09-2019  

1. Kendra Amalie   Boat Ride II [Intuition]

2. Mary Halvorson   With A Little Help From My Friends [v/a A Day In The Life: Impressions Of Pepper]

3. Weather Station   Personal Eclipse [Loyalty]

4. Holly Herndon   Frontier [Proto]

5. Health & Beauty   Recourse [Shame Engine / Blood Pleasure]

6. Kendra Amalie   Facets Of A Holy Diamond [Intuition]


Ufomammut   Infearnatural [XX]

The Cult Of Dom Keller   Dazed & Confused (Led Zeppelin) [v/a Dazed & Confused: A Stoned-Out Salute to Led Zeppelin]

Meadowsilver   Midsummer's Queen [Single August 2019]


Kendra Amalie   Patternmaker [Intuition]

Weedpecker   Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath) [v/a Sweet Leaf: A Stoner Rock Salute To Black Sabbath]

Naxatras   White Morning [III]


Kendra Amalie   Improvisation For Mark Hollis [Intuition]

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