Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 7th Mar 2018

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 07-03-2018:

Dead Meadow – ‘The Nothing They Need’

Available through Xemu


Marisa Anderson   Cloud Corner Cloud Corner

Jason Simon   Seven Sisters Of Sleep Familiar Haunts

Dead Meadow   Unsettled Dust The Nothing They Need


Wooden Shjips   Staring At The Sun V

Hills   Death 1 S/T

The Dunes   (Just Because You're Not Being Followed Doesn't Mean You're Not) Paranoid Single March 2018


Dead Meadow - Jason Simon - Spotlight Selections 07-03-2018  

1. Dead Meadow   Here With The Hawk The Nothing They Need

2. Keith Hudson   Darkest Night Flesh Of My Skin, Blood Of My Blood

3. 13th Floor Elevators   Street Song Bull Of The Woods

4. John Coltrane   Spiritual “Live” at the Village Vanguard

5. Dead Meadow   The Light The Nothing They Need


Windhand   Old Evil Split w/ Satan’s Satyrs

Spaceslug   Space Sabbath Mountains & Reminiscence

Greenleaf   Levitate & Bow (Pt.1 & 2) Rise Above The Meadow


Dead Meadow   The Shaky Hand Is Not Mine The Nothing They Need

Los Tabanos Experience   Animals Mind Songs Of Creation

Cachemira   Sail Away Jungla

Dead Meadow   Nobody Home The Nothing They Need

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