Static :: 8:00pm 18th Apr 2024

On tonight’s “Static” program (Thursday 18th April) …

We’ll speak to Scotland’s jagged noise-pop siblings The Jesus & Mary Chain about their first album in seven years, the glazy “Glasgow Eyes” …

Plus we’ll be spinning brand new music from The Reds, Pinks & Purples, Fontaines D.C., Jamie xx, Sunscreen and more …

And we’ll dig into this week’s 2SER Feature Album from Melbourne’s folk-pop jewel Jess Ribeiro, the strummy “Summer Of Love” …

Interview via Soundcloud:

NEUTRALS “Wish You Were Here” (Slumberland)
THE REDS, PINKS & PURPLES “Nothing Between The Lines At All” (Tough Love/Slumberland)
BODEGA “ATM” (Chrysalis)
JAMIE XX featuring HONEY DIJON “Baddy On The Floor” (Young/Remote Control)
ENGLISH TEACHER “I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying” (Island)
GUSTAF “End Of The Year” (Royal Mountain/[PIAS])
THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN “The Eagles and The Beatles” (Fuzz Club)
GOAT GIRL “motorway” (Rough Trade/Remote Control)
IRON & WINE “Anyone’s Game” (Sub Pop)
JESS RIBEIRO “Helicopter” (Poison City)
METZ “Wound Tight” (Sub Pop)
LIGHTHEADED “Moments Notice” (Slumberland)
AMBIENT BABESTATION MELTDOWN and BORAI “My Heart My Motherboard” (Optimo Music)
COLA “Pallor Tricks” (Fire Talk)
BRIDGE DOG “Standard Issue” (Friendly Stray)
SUNSCREEN “Kick” (The Orchard)
TEENS “I’m An Art Prize” (
PARSNIP “The Babble” (Anti Fade)
MARINA ALLEN “Red Cloud” (Fire)
SUNBEAM SOUND MACHINE “Planet D” (Dot Dash/Remote Control)
THE REDS, PINKS & PURPLES “Dead Stars In Your Eyes” (Tough Love/Slumberland)
FONTAINES D.C. “Starburster” (XL/Remote Control)


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