Static :: 8:00pm 1st Feb 2024

On tonight’s “Static” program (Thursday 1st February) …

We’ll chat to Melbourne’s garage-punk munchkins Metdog about their new album, the quizzical “Questions and Answers Regarding Computers and Screens”….

Plus we’ll be spinning brand new music from The Umbrellas, Camera Obscura, Justice, Shannon & The Clams and more …

And we’ll dig into this week’s 2SER Feature Album from Sydney’s playful jangle-pop lot Lord Esme, the agreeable “A Nice Sit Down” …

Interview via Soundcloud:

DRAHLA “Default Parody” (Captured Tracks/Remote Control)
THE UMBRELLAS “Games” (Slumberland)
TY SEGALL “Reflections” (Drag City)
JUSTICE “Generator” (Ed Banger/Because Music)
SHANNON & THE CLAMS “The Moon Is In The Wrong Place” (Easy Eye Sound)
PACKS “Take Care” (Fire Talk)
METDOG “Computer Games” (Critter)
THE SMILE “Read The Room” (XL/Remote Control)
GEORGE FITZGERALD “Gleams” (Double Six/Domino)
LORD ESME “Alison Rhodes” (Half A Cow)
FAT WHITE FAMILY “Bullet Of Dignity” (Domino)
VANISHING TWIN “Life Drummer” (Sub Pop)
SQUAREPUSHER “Wendorlan” (Warp)
THE REDS, PINKS & PURPLES “Your Worst Song Is Your Greatest Hit” (Tough Love/Slumberland)
NICK GRIFFITH “Winter Leaf” (
FINNOGUNS WAKE “So Nice” (Whats Your Rupture?)
GOOD MORNING “Ahhhh (This Isn’t Ideal)” (Good Morning Music Company Worldwide/Polyvinyl)
J. MASCIS “Right Behind You” (Sub Pop)
KATY KIRBY “Drop Dead” (Anti-)
THE UMBRELLAS “Blue” (Slumberland)
CAMERA OBSCURA “Big Love” (Merge)


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