Super Happy Fun Time Hour :: 11:00am 11th Oct 2020

In which Eddie Yutts recounts a terrifying story about a brown snake attack, Bang laments the end of the footy season and laments Eddie’s lack of interest in the footy, Barbagello Ronson has some fresh ideas for Qld Tourism, Ben Doran talks about how size does matter and Joe Bogan talks about taking LSD or DMT or something. Plus sick tunes.


Cowboy JunkiesSweet Jane ::

The LemonheadsIt's A Shame About Ray ::

Nina SimoneThe Times They Are A'Changing ::

U.S. Girls4 American Dollars ::

The Commodores Machine Gun ::

SofieHappen 2 B There ::

De La SoulBreakadawn ::

PlanningtorockJam Fam ::

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