The Band Next Door :: 10:00pm 8th Oct 2020

This year has really been the year for long-time coming debut albums. One of those happens to be the first full-length from local folky heartstring tugger

Lisa Caruso, who’s record IN FEELINGS drops tomorrow!
So it’s a pleasure to have Lisa dropping into the studio this evening to talk us through the gruelling process of internal and external factors that finally saw her record being realised in it’s true form. Also coming your way on the program this evening; a blast from the past with Magic Dirt Official.
Synth punks The Carcinogens.
Warbled indie disco from Swimwear
Alt-rockers Ebony and the Dilemmas & Meres.
Twangy tinged cowboys Crosstown Killers.
Woozy lo-fi blues thanks to Dolphin.
Post-punks Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice.
Retro metal battalion Battlesnake.
Plus the latest from Sydney locals Forest Hall, Conrad Greenleaf & PARTY DOZEN.
All that and more with two hours of Alternative Australiana
From 10pm AEDT.
Only on 2SER

Mr. Teenage   Automatic Love

Meres   Finally

swimwear   Happyness

Moon Rituals   Aura

Crosstown Killers   IOU

Ebony and the Dilemmas   Ain't No Saint

Forest Hall   The Quiet Life

Lisa Caruso   Shake Baby Shake

Lisa Caruso   Moonshine

Lisa Caruso   Patience

Johnny Hunter   Beautiful Dreamer

The Carcinogens   I See You

Cannon   Enemy

WAAX   Fade

Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice   Murray-Darling

Magic Dirt   Daddy

Revv   Can't Handle It

Dolphin   Blues

Battlesnake   Castle Gorbag

Concrete Lawn   No Patience

Conrad Greenleaf   I FUCKEN GIVE UP

Party Dozen   Auto Loser

Kitchen Witch   Lost

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