The Band Next Door :: 8:00pm 14th Sep 2022

On tonight’s show, we’ll be hearing from vocalist and guitarist Nathan John Kearney of Brisbane outfit Lackadaisies who are coming down to Sydney this weekend to celebrate the launch of their PAYPHONE TEXT record. Nathan will be sharing some insight on recording to 4 tracks, perspectives on writing and the band’s time together.
Also coming your way on the program..
Sticky alt-rockers SPUNK.
The psychedelic sprawl of Baby Cool.
Sonic particle project Filthy Little Star.
Bedroom creater Alyosha.
Club conqueror Cong Josie.
Flooring metalcore from Terminal Sleep.
Instrumental prog purveyors Giant Clam
Plus the latest from Sydney locals Micra & phonographics.
2 Hours of Alternative Australiana.
From 8pm, only on 2SER.

Tiny Little Houses   Some Aliens

Spunk   Raising Hell

Micra   5th Room

Adele & The Chandeliers   Up There For Thinking

Concrete Sea   Hotel In Thirroul

Tuffy   I Can Love

Alyosha   Set My Aim

Dead Tooth Hottie   Back In Time

Lackadaisies   Clusterfuck

Dead Wi†ch   Starfucker

Cong Josie   Lorelei In The Night

Delivery   Baader Meinhof

Matt Bourke & The Delusional Drunks   Pressure

Sampa The Great   IDGAF [Feat. Kojey Radical]

Blood Doping   Throw It All Away

Blonde Revolver   The List

Filthy Little Star   Bad Constellation

Baby Cool   Magic

The Blinds   Split System

Terminal Sleep   A Liar's End [Fet. Brodie Graham]

The Chats   The Price Of Smokes

Giant Clam   Shit Barometer

Phonographics   Peradventure

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