The Band Next Door :: 8:00pm 23rd Aug 2023

Coming your way tonight on The Band Next Door on 2SER, we’re going to be hearing from the founding members of Latin-Australian outfit The Maggie Pills, who recently unveiled their debut album HOPE IS A RISK.
We talk about their arrival in Australia months before lockdowns played it’s hand, the band’s eclectic mix of punk, doom and grunge. Plus why rhythm is so important..
Also coming your way on the program..
Mathy neo-soul outfit Sweet Temper.
Introspective folk muses with Katie Pomery.
Alt rockers The Dandys
Garage knockers Solar Juice.
Psychedelic sensations from DRUID FLUIDS.
Death metallers The Amenta.
Underground icons Enclave.
Bubblegum fuzz thanks to Glycereens.
Sydney locals Fig team up with Caitlin Harnett.
Plus a whole lot more.
Two hours of Alternative Australiana.
From 8pm, only on 2SER

Tiali   Jigsaw

Dip   Stale

Sweet Temper   Better Than You

Dippers   Dockside Spectacles

Katie Pomery   Way Too Far

Ice Cloud 9   Muscle Man

The Dandys   Gums

Fig   I Heard It In A Dream [Feat. Caitlin Harnett]

The Maggie Pills   The Banality Of Evil

Coldwave   Haircut Song

Seja   I’m A Revolver

Rinse   Let It Flow

Deafcult   Chemicals

Solar Juice   King Midas Silver

Mope City   Eat Yr Promises

Druid Fluid   Sour's Happy Fantasy

Carnations   Videodrome

Enclave   12 Steps

Glycereens   Get Off!

The Amenta   Plague Of Locusts

Bear The Mammoth   Freshwater

Mood Punch   Bad Faith


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