The Daily :: 9:00am 12th Nov 2020


Mariana Trench   Bright Eyes

Caitlin Harnett & the Pony Boys   All my friends are Dancers

Stride   Beams

Deep Sea Diver   People Come People Go

Las Mar   Weekend Repair

Caiti Baker   Heavy on my heart

H C McEntire   Final Bow

Fenne Lilly   Solopsism

Caitlin Harnett & the pony boys   Don't give up on me

Rinse   Trust in me

Common   Don't forget who you are

Arrowbird   Hands of the unknowing

St Ove   Old Wave

Babitha   Get Away

Blake Scott   Bone Heavy

Washed out   time to walk away

Caitlin Harnett and the pony boys   5am

Future Islands   Hit the coast

Working Man s Club   Outside

Onipa   Free Up

Goat Girl   Sad Cowboy


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