The Daily :: 9:00am 14th Dec 2018


Jealous of the Birds   Marrow

Richard in Your Mind   Tourmaline

Tasha   New Place

Monnone Alone   Cut Knuckle

Jerry Paper   Grey Area

Emma Davis   So It Is

Everything is Recorded   Carry Me

Tiny Ruins   How Much

Jonathan Something   All That I Ask

Noname   Don't Forget About Me

Kirsten Hersch   TULUM-01

Steve Gunn   New Moon

Nat Vazer   You're Winning Me Over

Echo Courts   The One You're Dreaming of

Peabody   Gemini

Wargirl   No Difference

Bardot   I Should've Never Let You Go

Foxwarren   To Be

Yves Tumor   Lifetime

The Sha La Das   Do What

Deerhunter   Death in Midsummer

Mojo Juju   Never Again

Iron & Wine   Talking to Fog

Shannen Moser   Baby Blue

Say Lou Lou   Golden Child

serpentwithfeet   messy

L'Eclair   Sisi La Fami

Body Type   Palms

The Kooriers   Sick of Being Treated Like a Mangy Old Dog

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