The Daily :: 9:00am 17th Sep 2021


North Arm   Bring the Daylight

Mess Esque   Take it Outside

Matthew E. White   Genuine Hesitation

Joelistics ft. HAYTCH   Fool

Dag   Yoo-Hoo

Emma-Jean Thackery   Spectre

Dean Wareham   The Past is Our Plaything

Second Idol   Low Tides

Partefacts   Time Travel

Mr Jukes & Barney Artist   The Locket

FERLA   I See You

Ada Lea   partner

Matthew E. White   Electric

The Babe Rainbow   Rainbow Rock

Jess Chalker   Don't Fight It

Ngaiire   Shoestring

Rodrigo Amarante   Tanto

Monnone Alone   Hard Feelings

Toby Martin   Linthwaite Houdini

Squirrel Flower   Deluge in the South

Bored Shorts   Growing Out

HARD FEELINGS   Holding On Too Long

Spookyland   The Roses of Silence

Lady Blackbird   Collage

Amyl and the Sniffers   Hertz

The Mountain Goats   The Destruction of the Superdeep Kola Boreh

Devotions   Final Girl

Baba Ali   Got an Idea

Devotions   Final Girl

Yves Tumor   Jackie

Wand   Clearer


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