The Daily :: 9:00am 24th Aug 2018


Kurt Vile   Loading Zones

Tanukichan   Bitter Medicine

Damien Jurado   Marvin Kaplan

Mitski   Remember My Name

Dereb the Ambassador   Ebo Lala

Gamjee   Welcome the Seeds

Charlie Collins   Wish You Were Here

Clearance   Chances Are

Exploded View   Sleepers

Virginia Wing   Be Released

Lucero   For the Lonely Ones

Ought   These Three Things

Mitski   Me and My Husband

Emily Wurrumara   Lady Blue

Mason Williams   Classical Gas

Uriah Heep   Easy Livin'

Apollo Brown & Locksmith   Litmus

Holy Wave   David's Flower

Rosali   I Wanna Know

Lay Llamas   Holy Worms

RF Shannon   Trickster Blues

Connor Youngblood   Sulphur Springs

Mitski   Old Friend

White Denim   Performance

Antonio Sanches   Ben De Fora

BOYTOY   I Get Distant

Young Father   Tremolo

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