The Daily :: 9:00am 24th Jul 2020


Monophonics   Run For Your Life

Torres   Records of Your Tenderness

L-FRESH The LION   Alkaline

Jess Chalker   West Hollywood

100   Weightless

Underground Lovers   Hooky

Hollie Cook   Dance in the Sunshine

Pottery   Bobby's Forecast

Hayley Mary   Like a Woman Should

L-FRESH The LION   Forever Rising

Charles Bradley   Change for the World

Poppongene   I Can't Be What You Need

My Morning Jacket   Climbing the Ladder

Elizabeth Fader   Encore

Sebadoh   Licence to Confuse

Soko   Are You a Magician?

L-FRESH The LION   Born to Stand Out

Cults   Trials

Primo!   Comedy Show

Matt Berninger   Serpentine Prison

Sounds of Blackness   Optimistic

TOPS   Witching Hour

Floodlights   Matter of Time

RINSE   Trust in Me

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