The Daily :: 9:00am 3rd Aug 2017


Morning TV   Let It Lie

Big Thief   Shark Smile

The Stevens   Thirsty Eye

Cornelius   No English Tit

Fountaineer   Vase City Blues

The Orbweavers   Cyclamen

Sudan Archives   Paid

Kirin J Callinan   Living Each Day

Torres   Three Futures

Offa Rex   The Queen Of Hearts

Perfume Genius   Slip Away

Ghostpoet   Freakshow

Two Hearts   LA Mood

Cornelius   No English Title

Peter Perrett   Sweet Endeavour

Milk Teddy   Sweet Bells Jangled

Jen Cloher   Regional Echo

The San Sebastian   Red River

Tex Don & Charlie   Summer

Thundercat   Friend Zone

Floating Points   Kelso Dunes

The Ocean Party   More To Run

Cornelius   Mellow Yellow Feel

Cooking On 3 Burners   Black Stick

Choker   El Dorado

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma   Tenderness

Brightness   Surrender

Avey Tare   Jackson 5

Apples   Deep Funk

Chastity Belt   Stuck

Bedouine   One Of These Days

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