The Daily :: 9:00am 3rd May 2021


Lucy Dacus  Hot & Heavy

Black Rock Band  If It Was Me

Liz Stringer  The Metrologist

Pottery  Hot Like Jungle

The Green Child  Low Desk: High Shelf

The Pink Stones  Barroom Blues

Du Blonde  Undertaker

Joelistics  Gospel According To?

Duece  Anitpodes

Blake Scott  Magic

Hello Satellites  Water Salt Light Grace

Jonny Kosmo  Firefly

Liz Stringer  Victoria

Cory Hanson  Limited Hangout

Bachelor  Stay In The Car

Moussa Diakite  Danaya

Dress Theque  Clean

Yola  Diamond Studded Shoes

Field Music  Out of the Frame

Painted Shrines  Not So Bad

Merpire  Dinosaur

Sharhabil Ahmed  Argos Farfish

Alan Vega  Muscles

Liz Stringer  Dangerous

Hannah Jadagu  Think Too Much

Michael Beach  Curtain on Night

Anna Fox Rochinski  Party Lines

Buck Meek  Two Moons (morning)

Holiday Sidewinder  Into the Universe

Lake Street Dive  Same Old News


Wurld Series  Nap Gate

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