The Daily :: 9:00am 5th Oct 2023


Turnstyle   Imitation Radio Station

Moussa Diakite   Djogossame

Babaganouj   Chinatown Rooftop Paper Bag

Roisin Murphy   You Knew

Floodlights   Wide Open Land

Charlie Hill   Philly

Fat Tony & Taydex   Loosen Up

Rin McArdle   Splinters

Bones and Jones   Oh Day

a.s.o   My Baby's Got It Out For Me

Cloutbursting   Grievous Bodily Calm

Pozi   Heavenly

Moussa Diakite   Dounia

Cailtlin Harnett   I'll Get By

Tex Perkins and the Fat Rubber Band   Words Fall

The Regime   Luna Love

Oneohtrix Point Never   On An Axis

Fit of Body   Far From the Rhythm

Captain Planet   Kite Soufe

Mega Fauna   Curiosity

Sarah Mary Chadwick   Somone Else's Baby

Tory Y Moi   Back Then

Ena Malibu & Ta'sia   Acceptance

The Holy Soul   High

PJ Western   Human Machines

Erys   Blueprint Bones

allison Russell   Snakelife