The Daily :: 9:00am 8th Feb 2024


Goodge   Last Place

Leah Flanagan   Final Notice

Ty Segall   Denee'

Summer Pearl   feel right

OUM SHATT   Off to St. Pete

Screensaver   Direct Debit

Joe Ziffer   Seaside

OV Pain   On Evil Hour

Peter Power   Folk Broke Woke Banger

Keanu Nelson   Watjilpa Wiyangku

To Light The Lantern   Ella Thompson

AEIOUY ft. Shalom Little & DK   Josiah Soren

Ssighborggg   Wildfowers

Maple Glider   You're Gonna Be A Daddy

Jamie Hutchings   On The Rock

Carla Geneve   Little Creatures in the Water

Katy Kirby   Party of the Century

Emma Donovan & The Putbacks   Yarian Mitji

Ty Segall   The Bell

Emma Donovan   Lovin' Looks Like

Marxist Love Disco Ensemble   Material

The Smile   Teleharmonic

The Brights   In my hands

Jalen Ngonda   Come Around and Love me

A08   I Want More

J.McFarlane's Reality Guest   Caviar

Special Feelings   Brain Fog

Ty Segall   Hi Dee Dee

Pro Uno   something in the water

Badge Epoque Ensemble   Air, Light, Harmony

Mo'Ju   Sometime

Perry Keyes   Elevator Down

Malaika Mfalme   Dream

Donna Amini   Bowie

Hubcaps`   Inkling

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