The Hands of Tyme :: 2:00pm 12th Nov 2020

Early electronic and outsider / private press special.


Tom Dae   Everybody's Talkin' Tommy Dae

Mort Garson   Didn't You Hear? Didn't You Hear?

Bruce Haack   Incantation The Electric Lucifer

Gershon Kingsley   Eleanor Rigby First Moog Quartet

Tonto's Expanding Head Band   Cybernaut Zero Time

Beaver & Krause   Another Part Of Time In A Wild Sanctuary

Lothar & The Hand People   It Comes On Anyhow (live) Machines: Amherst 1969 (Live)

Fifty Foot Hose   The Things That Concern You Cauldron

The United States Of America   Hard Coming Love

Silver Apples   I Don't Care What The People Say The Garden

The Zodiac   Aquarius - The Lover Of Life Cosmic Sounds

Joe Meek   Orbit Around The Moon

White Noise   Love Without Sound An Electric Storm

Suicide   Into My Eyes First Rehearsal Tapes

Simply Saucer   Here Come The Cyborgs (Live) Cyborgs Revisited

The Residents   Seasoned Greetings Meet The Residents

Bill Holts Dreamies   Program Ten Part Three Dreamies

Vyto B   My Love First Chips

R. Stevie Moore   Melbourne Phonography

Peter Grudzien   The Unicorn The Unicorn

Dave Lamb With Gye Whiz   Kind Hearted Woman I'll Be Alright

Kenneth Higney   Night Rider Attic Demonstration

The Shaggs   Philosophy Of The World Philosophy of the World

Hasil Adkins   We Got A Date Out To Hunch

Circuit Rider   Forever Angels Proud Circuit Rider

The Red Krayola   Victory Garden God Bless The Red Krayola And All Who Sail With It

Stan Hubbs   Let's Go Back To Camp Crystal

Bobby Jameson   Vietnam Mondo Hollywood OST

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