The Outpost :: 12:00pm 19th Aug 2021


SEKRET SEKRET   Moose Beach [New King Jack 7” single B-side]

NANCI GRIFFITH   Listen To The Radio [Storms]

SUSTO   Get Down [Time In The Sun]

FREYA JOSEPHINE HOLLICK   Vivian, June, Dolly And Jolene [The Real World]

ISRAEL NASH   Stay [Tropez]

SUZIE UNGERLEIDER   Mount Royal [My Name Is Suzie Ungerleider]

THE FORRESTERS   Tightrope [Something To Give]

SUICIDE SWANS   Reservations [Reservations]

ALLISON RUSSELL   4th Day Prayer [Outside Child]

MINOR MAJORITY   (Looking For) Truth In The Vocal Booth [The Universe Would Have To Adjust]

NANCI GRIFFITH (with JOHN PRINE)   Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness [Other Voices, Other Rooms]

NANCI GRIFFITH (with ARLO GUTHRIE)   Tecumseh Valley [Other Voices, Other Rooms]

NANCI GRIFFITH   Love at the Five and Dime (live) [The MCA Years: A Retrospective]

ANDY GOLLEDGE   Baby Mumma [single]

HENRY WAGONS   I Cooked You A Meal [single]

BIG THIEF   Little Things [single]

MICHAEL WAUGH   The Cast [The Cast]

SHERRY RICH   Walk In The Sun [The Divine Crimson V]

THOSE DARLINS   The Whole Damn Thing [Those Darlins]

COUNTRY HEROES   Since I Started To Drink [Southern Insecurity]

HEM   When I Was Drinking [Rabbit Songs]

ELVIS COSTELLO   Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down [Almost Blue]

SUSTO   Cigarettes, Whisky And Wine [SUSTO]

JOSH T PEARSON   Whiskey Straight Love [The Straight Hits!]

JACKIE LEVEN   Whisky Story (live) [For Peace Comes Dropping Slow]

FELICE BROTHERS   Whiskey In My Whiskey [The Felice Brothers]

JACKIE LEVEN   Marble City Bar (live) [For Peace Comes Dropping Slow]

EILEN JEWELL / BUTCHER HOLLER   Don’t Come Home A Drinkin’ (With Lovin’ On Your Mind) [Eilen Jewell Presents Butcher Holler – A Tribute To Loretta Lynn]

NANCI GRIFFITH   Outbound Plane [Little Love Affairs]

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