The Outpost :: 12:00pm 19th Nov 2020


JAMES ELLIS & THE JEALOUS GUYSThe Sun Will Rise Again [Country Lion] ::

ANDY GOLLEDGEGhost Of Love [single] ::

KURT VILESpeed Of The Sound Of Loneliness [Speed, Sound, Lonely KV EP] ::

STURGILL SIMPSONBreakers Roar [Cuttin’ Grass Vol. 1: The Butcher Shoppe Sessions] ::

JASON ISBELLIt Gets Easier [Reunions] ::

MICHAEL SIMICDark Moon [single] ::

CAITLIN HARNETT & THE PONY BOYSOutside Of Life [Late Night Essentials] ::

DOMINIC BREENLove Lost [single] ::

MALIN PETTERSENLet’s Go Out [Wildhorse] ::

ROB SNARSKI & "EVIL" GRAHAM LEEKamahl (The Voice Of Kindness) [Song Gift project] ::

PERRY KEYESThere She Goes Again [single] ::

PJ ORRTightrope Walker [Tightrope Walker] ::

PJ ORRModern Way [live in the 2ser studio] ::

PJ ORRMarkets [Tightrope Walker] ::

HAILERThe Redundancy Song [Good Canyon] ::


RHODE EYESThe Entertainist [Rhode Eyes] ::

EMILY BARKERThe Woman Who Planted Trees [A Dark Murmuration Of Words] ::

D HENRY FENTONThe Loneliest Boy In The World [single] ::

THE LONG RYDERSIf You Want To See Me Cry [single] ::

ADELE & THE CHANDELIERS1234 [First Date] ::

THE DEARHUNTERSIvy [Red Wine And Blue] ::

THE REPLACEMENTSAchin’ To Be [Don’t Tell A Soul] ::

STEVE EARLEHarlem River Blues [J.T.] ::

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